Cool & Unique Gifts for Father's Day!

Cool & Unique Gifts for Father's Day!

Celebrate Father's Day with our thoughtfully curated gift guide, perfect for dads who cherish vintage Americana cars, sports, birds, and more. Explore our collection of puzzles that capture classic car nostalgia, funny New Yorker Magazine Cartoon mugs for his morning coffee, and bird-themed playing cards for his leisure time. We've curated a list of unique Father's Day gift ideas tailored to every dad!

1. Coastal Drive, $25

This sleek roadster gave new meaning to the term Touring Car. General Motors Vintage Ad

2. Spring Training, $23

A bird is perched on a baseball bat during a training practice, getting his voice ready just in time for spring! Illustration by Peter de Seve 

3. Moon Catcher, $23

Koi fish gracefully navigate the water, with one ascending high enough to have him and his companion capture the moon. Illustration by Victo Ngai

4. Bodega Cat, $25

A Bodega cat snoozes on the storefront counter as New Yorkers go about their usual day. New Yorker Cover by Artist Kiyuko Jordan

5. Urban Delights, $25

Enjoy this delightful outdoor adventure through the nature and magic of Central Park. Art poster commissioned by MTA Arts & Design. Artwork by Paulo D. Campos

6. Steady Breeze, $23

A steady breeze provides a harbor filled with sailing vessels with the ideal setting for a delightful day. New Yorker Cover by Artist Albert Hubbell

7.Coming and Going, $23

Amidst the bustling train station, a vintage Chevy stands as a timeless centerpiece, exuding its classic charm. Commuters and travelers bustle around, a whirlwind of people coming and going, each catching a glimpse of the alluring vintage car. General Motors Vintage Ad

8. The Big Mikan, $23

A mikan is a Japanese orange and there’s nowhere in the world like Tokyo to enjoy its flavor! Make your way through the busy, bright city where you’ll find Cherry Blossoms, birds, geishas, punks, and more! Original Illustration by Artist Max Tilse

Other unique Gifts for Dad's this Father's Day!


Sports Cartoons Playing Cards

Make your card games even more fun! A standard deck with a different sports themed New Yorker cartoon on every number will keep everyone smiling.

Pasta Cartoons Mug

A 15 ounce white ceramic mug with two cartoons by Charles Barsotti. One drawing features a fork admiring her friend's spaghetti updo and the other an important phone call from Fusilli.

Bucking Bronco Mini

From an early 20th century cover of Sunset Magazine, a daring rider holds on while his horse rears magnificently on two legs.

Cornell Birds Mini Puzzle Collector's Set

Featuring seven mini puzzles, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Collector's set is perfect for bird lovers and puzzlers alike!

Video Games Mug

Creating the cover for The New Yorker's Innovators Issue, Roz Chast embraced the task of embroidering a motherboard image on muslin fabric, highlighting the intricacies and textures present in both the medium and the subject.

PS: Save when you bundle this with the 1000 Piece Video Games Puzzle.

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