MAAP Policy



New York Puzzle Company LLC (“NYPC”) has unilaterally decided to adopt this Minimum Advertising Pricing Policy (“MAPP”) effective as of April 1, 2015. This MAPP will be applicable to NYPC’s customers’ listing of NYPC’s products on the Internet.

The aspects of this MAPP are as follows: 

  1. This MAPP is being adopted unilaterally by NYPC and is not being adopted in consultation with or input from any customers or third parties. NYPC is not seeking input from its customers nor any confirmation or assurance of its customers in connection with this MAPP. All interpretation and application of the terms of this MAPP shall be in the sole discretion of NYPC.

  2. This MAPP is being adopted to protect the brand image of NYPC and to protect the core values of NYPC’s company.

  3. This MAPP applies solely to the prices of NYPC’s products as advertised on the Internet and not with regards to the final sales price of NYPCs products on the Internet. The NYPC products covered by this policy are listed in Exhibit A attached hereto (the Products), and shall be amended from time to time as NYPC brings out new products and discontinues old ones. NYPC may delete, add or modify the Products from time to time in its sole discretion.

  4. This MAPP does not apply to the final sales price that the consumer ultimately pays, but rather only to the advertised price of NYPCs products. A customer is free to sell NYPCs products at any price it chooses, subject to number 5 below.

  5. This MAPP policy is applicable to all Advertised Prices for the Products. An “Advertised Price” is defined as any price for any product shown on any web site, browser search, internet advertisement, customer home page, content on a web page within any of the foregoing, including content on any third party sites or domains. This includes prices listed in any emails, email blasts, other electronic communication, and internet advertising on or through any website, including portal sites, natural or paid search engine listings, social media websites, auction sites, and similar types of communications and content. Advertised Price does not include any price received by a consumer via a response to a call for price, email a price, add to basket/see checkout for price, or coupon code available to consumers via the customers website.

  6. To comply with this MAPP, customers may not post any Advertised Price for lower than NYPCs suggested retail prices (“MSRP”) listed on Exhibit A. If a product is not listed on Exhibit A, please contact NYPC for the Advertised Price.

  7. Any customer found in violation of this MAPP will be contacted and asked to correct its Advertised Price within 48 hours or notice. If the Advertised Price has not been correct in this time period, the customer will face an account suspension of four (4) months, during which time NYPC will not ship the customer any Product. The decision whether to restate a customer after this four (4) month suspension will be at the sole discretion of NYPC.

  8. This MAPP has been adopted unilaterally by NYPC and NYPC does will not discuss or negotiate the terms of this MAPP with any third party or customer. Nothing in this MAPP shall constitute an agreement with any customer, but is intended to simply serve as a notice to customers of NYPCs policy with regards to the matters stated herein.

  9. NYPC reserves the right to at any time change the MSRP of and Product and/or change the terms of this MAPP in its sole discretion.

  10. Third party reselling platforms such as,, and other similar platforms not owned and operated by the customer are restricted channels and no NYPC products may be listed for sale on any such platforms.

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