Frequently Asked Questions

Request a copy of an invoice?
Just send an email to: Please note in the email:

  1. Your store name, and
  2. Either NYPC’s PO number OR the PO number you previously supplied to us.
Be sure to include an email address so we can send the invoice electronically.


How to deal with damaged puzzles you received?
Damages or other problems with a shipment you received from us must be reported to us within 48 hours of receipt of goods.
We will need the following to process your claim:

  1. Photos of the damaged puzzles emailed to,
  2. Photos of the cartons the puzzles were packed in emailed to,
  3. The SKU numbers of the damaged puzzles (found under the UPC code on the box),
  4. The quantity of damaged puzzles per SKU, and
  5. A note as to whether it looks like they were damaged in shipment or sent out already damaged.
We will get back to you with how to proceed.


How can I open a wholesale account?
If you would like to open a wholesale account please click here and fill out our new vendor application.


Can I place an order online?
YES! We now have an online wholesale ordering tool that will allow you to place all your wholesale orders on line. Just click here to see how it works!


Where do you ship from?
99% of our shipments via UPS Ground and originate from Indianapolis, Indiana (Zip Code 46214). You can use this when calculating estimated ship time.


Where should I send my payment checks?
All checks should be sent to our accounts payable address:
New York Puzzle Company
P.O. BOX 32104
New York, NY 10087-2104


One of my customers has a complaint about their puzzle. What can I do?
Either you can have the customer contact us directly at so we can resolve their problem or you can exchange the puzzle with them through your store and we can issue you a credit directly.


Can I sell your puzzles on my website?
Yes. Stores are more than welcome to sell on their own websites so long as they are not multi-vendor or marketplace type websites such as or Please note, however, that stores selling on their own websites are required to abide by our MAAP Policy, which you can find here.


Can I sell your puzzles on, or other Third Party Websites?
No., and other third party multi-vendor or marketplace type websites are strictly prohibited and are a restricted channel.


What are your standard casepack amounts?
It differs by SKU, but generally the casepacks are as follows:

  1. Mini travel puzzles - 36 units per case.
  2. SKUs beginning with the letters NPZ or NMM (except for floor puzzles and mini travel puzzles) - 14 units per case.
  3. Giant Floor Puzzles (24 or 36 piece puzzles) - 6 units per case.
  4. All other Puzzles - 12 units per case.
  5. Mugs - 4 units per case.
  6. Tote Bags - 1 unit.
  7. Playing Cards -  32 units per case.
You can always mix and match styles within casepacks, but sticking to these overall quantities per box size will get you the most efficient shipping rate.


How can I get photos of your product for my catalog or my website?
Simply send an email to containing a list of SKUs that you need images for and we will send along a few different types of photos. Depending on the size of the request, these images will either be sent along by email, by sharing a Dropbox folder, or by sending the files through where you will receive a link to download the requested images.


Can I get a list of UPC codes of your products?
We do not generally hand out lists of UPC codes for our products as we find stores that are asking for this information are usually intending to set up our puzzles for sale on or other third party marketplaces.
Should you require UPC codes to set up our puzzles in your internal systems, please send an email to with a list of SKUs that you intend on purchasing and we will send along UPC codes for these items.
If there are any other questions you would like us to address here in our FAQs, just write to us at and (if they are indeed frequent) we’ll get them added to this page.

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