Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas- Jigsaw Puzzles & More!

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas- Jigsaw Puzzles & More!

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift that goes beyond the traditional bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates? This year, why not celebrate Mom's unique interests and hobbies with a thoughtful and memorable gift? Whether she's an avid gardener, a culinary enthusiast, a bookworm, or an adventure seeker, we've curated a list of unique Mother's Day gift ideas tailored to every mom's passion.

1. Nest, $25

In the cozy space of their home, a mother and child fill the kitchen with memories, baked goods, and coffee. Original Painting by Artist Loré Pemberton

2. Pruning Passion, $23

This vibrant 500-piece puzzle presents a challenging scene, featuring a rich illustration teeming with lush foliage and vibrant flora. Sunset Cover

3. Hi, It's Mom, $23

Have you checked your voicemail today? Mom may have left a message... or two! Airplanes fly over a crowded beach in this New Yorker Magazine cover with a few messages from Mom. New Yorker Cover by Artist Roz Chast

4. Casserole, $23

During a journey across the waters, a young woman takes a peek over the railing of a ferry, as a flock of birds whisk by. Illustrated by Victo Ngai for Thomas McGuane's short story "Casserole" in The New Yorker magazine.

5. Nurture , $17.25

The bond between a mother and her children is precious. It can flourish and inspire the lushest environment. New Yorker Cover by Artist Loveis Wise

6. Poolside , $23

Cool down poolside as you piece together this whimsical 500 piece puzzle. Whimsical Painting by Artist Janet Hill

7. Dawn Chorus, $23

A mother and her young children tend to their morning chores in the greenhouse filled with new budding seeds and growing plants. Original Painting by Artist Loré Pemberton

8. Here's To You, Mom, $23

Amidst the cozy ambiance of a restaurant, a heartwarming scene unfolds by the window. A loving mother and her son share a special moment. New Yorker Cover by Artist Harry Bliss

Other unique Gifts for Mom's this Mother's Day!


Vegetables Mug

Beautiful vintage drawings of vegetables by French painter Adolphe Philip Millot decorate the outside of this mug and inside spot art says Vegetables/Légumes.

PS: Pair this with Vegetables 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle.

Baggage Tags Playing Cards

Play this deck of cards on a train, on a plane, or in a car!

PS: Pair this with the Baggage Tags 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle!

Cat Countess Mug

"Never let a few raindrops spoil the day."

These cats won't let a few raindrops spoil their day as they take a trip outside with Miss Mink neatly under her umbrella.

PS: Save when you bundle this with the 1000 Piece Cat Countess Jigsaw Puzzle.

Cornell Birds Mini Puzzle Collector's Set

Featuring seven mini puzzles, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Collector's set is perfect for bird lovers and puzzlers alike!

Motherboard Jigsaw Puzzle

Creating the cover for The New Yorker's Innovators Issue, Roz Chast embraced the task of embroidering a motherboard image on muslin fabric, highlighting the intricacies and textures present in both the medium and the subject.

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