Retail and Stocking Clerk – Holiday Market Miami, FL

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From November 12th 2022 to February 15th 2023

Market Open Hours: 10am – 9pm.

Pay Rate: 
$25 per hour

Store discount of 40% off merchandise up to $200 for the season
If working 8+ hours in one day, a free extra hour of pay to compensate for lunch.      

Job brief

We are looking for a Retail Clerk to join our team to help stock and shelve products in our holiday market pop up booths, ensure that customers have a satisfactory shopping experience and help customers check out after choosing the items they need from the store. 

Ultimately, you will work directly with customers and help them find items they need and process their purchases promptly. 

Retail and Stocking Clerk responsibilities include:

  • Setting up the booth with furniture and merchandise a few days prior to the opening of the show for the season and tearing down the booth after the show is over for the season – may include manual labor such as carrying and putting together ikea furniture, painting walls if necessary, and installing rugs or other types of flooring in the booth kiosk.
  • Opening the booth in the morning and closing the booth in the evening
  • Restocking the booth from pick lists from stock at the storage facility
  • Assisting customers with the selection of merchandise
  • Greeting, interacting and monitoring customers to help the store in loss prevention
  • Displaying and organizing products in a store for the customers to locate easily
  • Listen to customers to gain a thorough understanding of what they need
  • Make tailored recommendations based on customer needs
  • Examine the sales floor to ensure merchandise is well-stocked, well-maintained and properly rotated
  • Process, check and stock inventory to ensure deliveries are correct and of good quality
  • Provide exemplary customer service throughout the shift
  • Process business transactions, handle cash, process debit/credit cards and perform returns or exchanges
  • Make cash drops at local bank


  • Outgoing and positive attitude
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Not required – but a driver’s license and ability to operate and drive a u-haul or similar rental vehicle would be helpful.


Holiday Market Schedule

Please Note: Hours listed below are the hours the market is required to be open. Staffing needs will require hours before and/or after these times to restock product and make cash drops. Some markets also have the option of expanding hours as it gets closer to Christmas Day, so opening hours can and likely will change.

Lincoln Road, Miami Beach Market
Setup: Nov. 12th-14th
Show Dates:  Nov. 15th - Feb. 15th
*OPEN Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day
Open Hours: 10am – 9pm